Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Coat: Dressy StarSweater: H&M | Bag: Michael Kors 

Hello my dear readers! 2017 is here and one of the things included in my New Year's resolution is to update the blog more often and post as many photos of all my travels as possible. Last month, I took the opportunity to pay some good friends a visit while I'm still in Europe. This time was Brussels, Belgium and Lille, France - another two places to tick off my "to-go"  list! Got to try real Belgian waffles, finish a glass of Belgian beer and savour very good French food! 
Below are some snaps from the trip.

With my good friend, Tin, the one who always takes my photos! :)

Ive always thought the best perk of having friends from all over the world is to have the opportunity (or rather excuse) to travel to different different countries. Not to mention you do not have to spend a fortune for accommodation, i.e., not paying for hotel 'cos you get free stay! lol  But really, for me it's more of a gift to have friends overseas. It gives you the chance to visit places and see the world more openly. Perhaps also make you change your views on common stereotypes and experience how it's like to submerge yourself in a totally different culture.

Only 10 days into 2017 and there's stil 355 more to go. Maybe pick a day where you can sit down and have time alone with your thoughts. Then when you feel inspired, pick-up your journal and make a list of the places you want to travel to. Most of us have friends & families scattered all over the globe and I suggest you take this chance to visit the world one country at a time.

Every New Year is an opportunity, so make your list and let this be your inspiration throughout the year! I myself also just started like this--making a "to-go" list without even expecting that I would be able to tick off this much places as I already had only in a matter of 3 years. 
Life is always full of surprises, one day you will look back and be surprised with how things turned out :)

Happy 2017, everyone! 

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