Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's not everyday that you get the chance to have this view while working and looking at this photo makes me realize how lucky I am to call it my "office". 

Over the past months, I have been traveling quite around--from staying in Germany for 4 months, to sunbathing in the Italian Riviera, devouring paellas in Spain and sipping on wine in France in between. 
Quite frankly, I have never travelled this much in my entire life than I did the last 5 months. In fact sometimes I still think it's just a dream and there's no single day that passes by without me being grateful for such opportunity.

It had only been a month and a half since I got back from Berlin but it definitely feels longer than that. Since the day I got home, I have traveled to Boracay with my bestfriend, to Siargao with my friends from Germany and to Negros Occidental with my travel blogger friend, Tia.
Below are the snippets of my trips but if you follow me on Instragram, you would have probably seen some of these photos already :)

Friends who came to Siargao all the way from Germany.

Although it may seem like I do nothing else but enjoy while traveling, I also make sure that I stay on top of my responsibilities. How? Well being a digital nomad all I need is my camera and a good laptop then I can work from anywhere and anytime I want to! May it be in my hotel room, in a coffee shop in a foreign place or even in the bus while I'm on the road. 

Although smartphones or tablets will suffice for a few days, having a laptop that also serves as a tablet gets the real work done. Finding the right one that suits your lifestyle is important especially for a blogger like me who's always on the go; and my HP Pavillion x360 has been the perfect travel companion for the last 8 months. I brought it with me to all my trips both in Europe and Philippines--it's light and it fits easily in my handbag. 

Blogging from how i remembered it when I started 6 years ago is totally different that how it is today.  I've seen a lot of new and successful bloggers nowadays and I salute them for pursuing this career, if you can call it that. 

Being in social media is one great way to earn while seeing the world one country at a time. Working while traveling seemed undoable before but not today. All you need is inspiration, determination and some good gadgets and you can start from there! 

With my bestfriend, Blu.

The shots that often don't make it on Instagram :D

Oftentimes I ask myself if I will ever get tired of traveling. The answer has been and will always be "No." I never thought I could see the world while working at the same time! It was never in my wildest dreams, but here I am now. 

I am excited to let you guys know that in May I am flying to Thailand with my friend, Tia. She's a travel blogger and together we will explore country on a budget and blog about the entire trip. It will be fun and I cannot wait to share my experience to you all. 

If you are interested in the model of my laptop, it's HP Pavillion x360.
You can read about it more on

To those who are dreaming about working while traveling, I suggest you give it a try and be your own boss. There are surprisingly quite a lot of jobs and ways that can make that possible!

Below are posts which are quite helpful:
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Cheys ♥


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