Friday, May 12, 2017

Hello from lovely Thailand! My friend Tia and I have been exploring the country doing nothing but enjoy the views, beaches and food! Currently we are on our 7th day of traveling and we are documenting the entire trip so we can share it to you all - guides, tips and our experiences. 
I brought my HP Pavillion x360 with me so there's no excuse not t update the blog! *winks*

Speaking of sharing, Tia and I came up with the idea of #destination_duo - a collaborative blog where we will share everything about our experiences traveling together as two girls. Details are still tentative but as of now you can already find our photos on Instagram thru the hashtag #destination_duo.

First on our share list is Novotel, a hotel chain by the Accor Hotel Group. They have a couple of resorts in the Island and we were able to experience two - Novotel Karon & Surin. 


Novotel Karon is only a couple of minutes from Karon Beach. Here you will find a massive pool as soon as you enter the hotel. Tia and I made sure to utilize every corner of it hence the photos. haha We started the day at the InBalance Fitnessa gym overlooking one of the 3 pools they have in the hotel. We worked out for about an hour to give space for the scrumptious lunch we had by the pool at Joe Kool's Poolside Grill.

This was only the appetizer. Pad Thai and a seafood dish paired with two fresh coconuts for drinks followed after. We were full!.

Getting some work done with my HP Pavillion x360 

We spent the entire afternoon at the pool just talking about our expectations for the trip. Oh if you're wondering, we are traveling for two weeks across Thailand and Cambodia. We  have this idea of  (actually we already agreed on it) traveling together often! Perhaps at least thrice a year so we have more content to share on #destination_duo. Excited for it!

After some life talks by the pool, we walked to the InBalance Spa and were pampered with at 90-minute Swedish massage in a room with a jacuzzi and a private bathroom. It was much needed!

We ended the day with dinner in Tai, Novotel Karon's Asian Restaurant. Everything was good from mains to desserts! Tia's favorite was the Thai Mango Sticky Rice while mine was the chocolate lava cake. Oh my I'm craving for it now! If you happen to visit Tai, please do us a favor and try those two desserts? You'll thank us later on.


On our second day in Phuket, we visited Novotel Surin. It's about 25 minutes from Patong and the airport. The beach resort is situated in a calmer area of the island and the Andaman sea is only a couple of minutes away.

We started the day with a breakfast buffet and then spent the morning just lounging at the pool. Then soon after it was lunch! Time to eat AGAIN. The chef prepared a special Thai set meal for us and served it himself - it was one of the best Thai meals we've had! 

Us trying to finish everything. Boy was it hard! :))

Reminiscing about our first two days in Phuket puts a smile on my face. Thank you to Novotel for taking care of us! Currently we are in Koh Phangan enjoying another side of Thailand. Tia and I will keep on updating you guys so stay tuned! For now you can stalk my stories and photos on Instagram: @cheyzmeister   ♥ or head on to Tia's blog to see more photos of our Novotel experience.

More about Novotel here:

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-HP Pavillion x360


  1. Cheys, what camera and lens did you use for this post (if you don't mind me asking)? The photos look amazing!

    1. Hello! I use a Fujufilm XA2 while my friend uses Fujifillm X10 :)


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